Friday, September 19, 2008

UK Credit Card Tips

As Christmas approaches, many of us in the United Kingdom is considering the possibility of adopting a new credit card purchases requires that all gifts. With a lot of card offers to decide which card, if any, is best for you may seem a little intimidating

Below are some useful tips and suggestions, which I hope will help make your decision a little easier and more intuitive.

Loyalty / bonus maps

As circumstances change people, together with proposals for the credit card. If you intend to clear the bill each month, the interest rate on the card was unjustified, because you do not have to pay. Therefore, you should consider going at stake, which offers some form of loyalty bonus such as redemption centers, or air miles laundering.

Non-interest proposals

These maps are particularly useful for those who are not clear their balance each month. Shop for cards that offer 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases. The length of these proposals usually vary, so choose one that fits your needs ie if you are going to use the maps mainly for the purchase or transfer balance.

Some cards allow up to 59 days to pay for purchases before interest on them, giving you space to breathe the air pay for their goods and / or services.


One way to save money on the card debt is to take advantage of many debt-transfer offers available from most banks. These proposals are usually only available to new customers, and you will repay your debt to the more expensive cards at the lower rate for a limited period of time.


Although you can withdraw money at ATMs with a credit card, it is best to leave eventually, that while the practice, you'll pay for privillage high interest rates.

More glasses

By using plastic to pay for expensive items such as jewellery, electrical appliances or goods bought online, gives you the tranquillity of consumer protection, that is in accordance with the Law of consumer credit, card companies are likely (as the seller of goods or services ) If there is a breach of contract.

This is especially helpful when the goods arrive either defective or damaged or not at all because of the supplier, for example, a bust. If any of these scenarios were arise, you should have money spent to pay off your credit card.


Most cards levvy accusation against you if you do not pay your monthly payments on time, with penalties, typically around? 20. You also incurr charges if you exceed your credit limit set. The introduction of debit to make your monthly payment will eliminate the possibility of delays in your monthly payments and avoid the bad charges.

What can the map?

A decision on that credit card ask all depends on your personal circumstances and needs.

For example, if you intend to make a serious short-term purchase card, which offers, for example, six months without interest for procurement, it would be more appropriate.

If you know in advance, you can not specify the balance in the short term, and then card, which provides low rate for the entire period of balance, it would be useful to you save a great interest in comparison with paymnets card, which uses high rates after the expiration of the tender.

If you are able to pay off the balance each month, then realized for the card, which offers rewards, such as money for the purchase, could be more prudent.

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