Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting Rid of Debt

If your credit card balance down at home, you're not alone. Millions of Americans have learned - the hard way - as it is easy to use and abuse their credit cards and how it can be difficult to repay.

Myvesta (formerly debt leader of America) and the National Consumer Law Center offers credit card debt tips:

* Always all know that the fees can with your credit card. (This means not to start a fine-print brochures that periodically your account!) Knowing annual fees, interest rates, financial costs, cash payments and all other costs associated with your card. This knowledge can help you make better decisions about how to manage your card.

* Cash withdrawals may have problems! They must receive cash withdrawals, if absolutely necessary. The interest rates above (you pay for purchases with a credit card), as charged, and most banks also a service fee in connection with how much money you withdraw. (The same applies to those practically personalized "checks" the credit card company sends you!)

* Always on the lookout for cards that offer lower interest rates. Transfer balances from one card to another advantage of low introductory rate between the U.S. general practice cards. Low introductory price can be very useful in your quest for a free credit card debt. They should lead to credit cards that offer low intro (usually within six months) and the transfer of the remaining amount of your credit card credit cards. Before this step, but make sure that after end of the course, the new card entitles same (or less), the interest rate that your current map.

* The experts say that minimum payments is one of the most common mistakes consumers make. They have won a lot of money on interest and achieve the goals without debt sooner, if you pay more than necessary every month.

It is true that it is really easy to fall into credit card trap, and not so easy. But not refuse - not profit centers throughout the country to advise and yourself (or low without charge), contact your credit card company and try to apply a reduced rate or an alternate payment plan. Check this short list of books:

* The credit repair kit, John Ventura
* Credit: questions (and answers) about the most common credit problems, Deborah McNaughton
* What credit cards Each user must know that Howard Strong
* The Insider's Guide to credit cards, Barry Klein
* Credit cards and debt management: Step-by-step guide to reducing the debt and interest payments, Scott fraudsters

Use your card abroad
With credit card acceptance varies throughout the world. For example, in some countries (including France), Visa and MasterCard networks have been consolidated so that all merchants, take, take the case. On the other hand, cash networks, which do not have been merged. So if you are in France, for example, almost any bank or ATM (if you have four-digit PIN) can give you a cash advance for visas, but only a few banks and ATMs (and all post offices) will give you a cash advance MasterCard.

In other countries (such as Italy), Visa and MasterCard networks, which are not merged. So, if you go, you need both.

American Express and other TE and cards were originally designed for high-end market catering to this group, offers check cashing, postal operations and cash card services to stay ahead. (Now, Visa, MasterCard and others offer the same services.) Amex and Diners Club are widely accepted in the United States, although not as much as Visa and MasterCard.

In Europe, there are places that are less accept Diners Club or American Express. In France, you can use American Express in several places, than in the U.S., Italy, Germany, England and Greece, you can use less, in general, with the exception of transactions with special appeal to the attention of tourists. Be sure that you use the credit card situation before the parade.

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