Saturday, September 13, 2008

College Credit Card Debt good or not?

While most people know that the debt ratio could be a problem, the type of debt is often overlooked: College credit card debt. College students with their first credit cards are in great danger, buried by debt. To leave home and go to university can be difficult and confusing time, and many people are beginning to pile on credit card debt. Students should understand how and why this happens, so that they do not start to "real life" under tons of debt.

College credit card debt most often begins when your first credit cards. The trend is encouraging in the fight against the loyalty of customers at the beginning of the phase of your life, and therefore all efforts for your first credit card. On that someone only 18 or 19 years, which sounds like free money, and this way is the college credit card debt.

Once students approach age of 21 years everything changes. In this magical age, students suddenly in a position to (legally) drink when they are mature enough to deal or not. They buy drinks in local bars and spring, and the seats. They spend because they have little or no income, increasing their debt.

Either the parents do cargo, or student years in the future. Nobody wants their adult life debt.Even forced huge credit card if this is a common problem which can help students so easily, it can be prevented!

While it is easy for students to rack up credit card debts, there is always something that can be monitored. Students on fiscal responsibility is the key to preventing major credit card debt, which destroy the lives of young adults. Students should learn more about financial responsibility and savings in the future. Moreover, the responsibility to prevent the debt.

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mamanesnes said...

It's obvious we need to do a better job teaching people about money. I've done some work with Junior Achievement. They have a lot of programs in this area. Here's their site, for anyone who is interested

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