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Eliminate credit card Debt Game

When you borrow money, you enter the World gambling debt. Like many other games, it has rules, strategy and player scoring system. Many of them lose their debt Thursday and Thursday in the worst conditions of filing bankruptcy is their ultimate option. If you have or will enter a world gambling debt, one of the best things you can do for you is to learn and play the game and debt and to be the winner at stake and more of debt securities.

Rules of the Game debt

To play the game of debt, first you need to know the rules of the game here debt rules of the game:

№ Rule 1: What you borrow, you pay back with interest

There is no "free money" into the ground. Creditors money you lend money to you and, in turn, you must pay on return from the amount borrowed and interest on the basis of interest rates under the contract. Once you've signed on the dotted line and supply a credit agreement, you promised to repay loans and interest, as stated in the agreement.

№ Rule 2: If you do not pay, you suffer

There are consequences when you do not repay your loan. Désagréable calls from creditors, emergency e-mail arrives in your house and surprise visits from debt collectors hired by creditors to take what you bought, but did not pay. To avoid this sort of pain in your life, what you repay loans.

№ Rule 3: If you pay the loan on time and you are rewarded with interest

Creditors money if you pay the loan on time with interest, in their opinion, you are great, and you want to take more money with lower interest rates. What are you, good repayment record, they know the chances are good you'll pay them back.

№ Rule 4: efficiency in the game you win customer debt

What would you introduce the first game of the debt by applying for their first loan or credit card customer system will be created for you and follow the rest of your life. Three U.S. lending institutions to keep records of each set of credit history, including yours. Based on your credit cards, loans will be awarded.

If you never miss a return, and you always pay the loan on time every month, you get a good credit score. If you have an excellent credit rating, you get a better proposal, as increasing the loan amount, lower interest rates, faster approval when you apply for credit. And you easier to negotiate a better offer, as many donors as you become their clients, and they are willing to reduce their needs and give you a better offer, to get your registration with them.


We all play the game, because debt has moments, we must borrow to meet the challenges and opportunities. It is important to remember that if you do not know the rules and play the game and pay on time and all you ahead of the game.

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