Saturday, December 26, 2009

The elimination of credit card debt - Some pesticides in the home to help your situation

Eliminating credit card debt might be a little difficult, but surely isn't impossible. To know more, read on. A little effort on your part today is sure go a long way towards a healthy financial future!

With plastic money being easily available to people, credit card debt issues have become a very common situation faced by many. But the good news is; you can put an end to it sooner than you previously thought, provided you work towards it. Most of us get a second chance to rectify our mistakes and so do you. Stop brooding over what has already happened, work towards rectifying your previous mistakes today and welcome a brighter debt free future with open arms.

In order to eliminate your credit card debt, you need to follow a few Dos and Don'ts, and you will be surprised to see how these can improve your financial state significantly.


Analyze your financial state realistically and figure out a plan how you will deal with your debts.

Make a realistic personal budget and strictly follow it.

Start saving your hard earned money. Saving will not only give you the confidence to fight your situation with a positive spirit but also help you improve your financial state.

Once you have decent savings in your bank account, it's time to attack your debts. Pick the one with highest rate of interest first and start paying them off one by one.


In case you are in the habit of making minimum payments, then it's high time you stopped it. Minimum payments do not help you much in paying off your debts; instead it may take you 30 years to get debt free that too by paying three times the amount you had initially borrowed.

Do not neglect your loans. It is a very dangerous thing to do. Neglecting you loans may leave you in a bigger mess. This will not only contribute towards increased debt amount but also towards a bad credit report.

Keep a proper track of your spending. The moment you start using your credit cards carelessly, you put yourself in credit debt.

I strictly recommend my reader to follow these simple dos and don'ts and believe you me it'll be a big leap towards a debt free future. But in case you are in a bad debt trap then just following these dos and don'ts might not be enough. In that case, I suggest going for debt settlement plans. The two popular settlement plans are:

Debt negotiation: it is a process of reducing your debt amount to a figure that you can afford to pay, by talking it out with your creditors.

Debt Consolidation: this is another kind of debt settlement, where you consolidate multiple debts into one single loan with a minimized monthly payment.

In any case, I think taking professional help is the best thing to do as a professional can help to solve the best plan with your lender to help you improve your financial situation.

So now they have gone through this story, you have a good idea of how to eliminate debt on credit cards. So go ahead and take appropriate action and move towards a future free from debt. Good luck!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Debt management - how to consolidate and eliminate debt on credit cards

Some years ago, getting out of credit card debt could mean one of two things - you either have to pay off all your outstanding balances or you file for bankruptcy. Paying off balances of one or two credit cards is manageable; it can be done by almost anyone. Paying off the balances on several credit cards, however, is almost impossible, especially if you live on a fixed income. You can get lucky and find yourself receiving a substantial amount of windfall, but let us be realistic, getting a significant amount in bonuses is virtually impossible, now more than ever.

So, if you are stuck in a situation wherein all your income is basically going out to pay off several credit cards yet still not making a dent in your total balance, what can you do to start paying off all the this debt? A good option you can look at is debt consolidation. What is it and how does it work? Debt consolidation is a type of debt relief program that is most practical for individuals paying off a considerable amount of debt accrued from several sources, for example: several credit cards. It works by having a debtor take out a significantly larger loan and using the proceeds from that loan in paying off the smaller accounts. This type of debt relief program can provide very good benefits; however, it also comes with some disadvantages.

If you intend to consolidate your debt, you will need to find a good consolidation program. There are many options to choose from. You can start looking for a good program from the following sources:
• Consult your local credit union or talk to representatives of the bank you already have an established relationship with. Other credible and reputable banking establishments also offer loans, and may give you good deals in order to get you as a client.
• Lending institutions may send out mass emails to market their service. If you have received an email from lenders, chances are you fit their desired customer profile. Look into these offers but make sure that the lender runs a credible business.
• The internet. Go online and do a quick search on debt consolidation and consolidation service providers. As with anything concerning information you find online, be careful! There are a lot of programs that sound enticing but turn out to be scams in the end.

Once you have a good Consolidation Program, contact the bank and make the creation of credit. After the loan is approved, payment of all credit cards and then follow the payment plan for new loans. Remember, you should not use the new paid their credit cards to avoid debt even more.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Government subsidies Assisted Living For Seniors

As the country is dealing with harsh times, it's becoming harder for the elders of our society to find homes that have the ability to take care of them. Not only are many assisted living facilities deteriorating in their standards of comfort and care, the seniors who need to live in these homes are finding it harder to pay for their high costs. Fortunately there are government grants for assisted living for seniors that are intended to counteract these hardships.

The quality of a senior center and care facility is incredibly important since so many people are relying on the services they provide. The standards a person should expect to find in an assisted living facility include, but are not limited to, properly trained nurses and aids, clean rooms, healthy food, and well kept living spaces. Sadly there are many of these facilities that are not up to par since they can't afford to hire a good staff or keep up with repairs. Many government grants are available to these facilities to help them improve on their business and make their facility a better place for the people who live there.

Another problem people notice when it comes to assisted living for seniors is that there just aren't enough places that provide it. Some areas don't even have any kind of senior citizen home and families are forced to send their loved ones out of town just to get the care they need. The government has created grants to meet this problem too. There are means to individuals and organizations wishing to take old or unused buildings and turning them into new ones.

For those who can not afford to live in housing assistance, grants are available to help with the costs. Refer to the government Web sites for more information.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Decide on your credit card debt with a package of incentives

Credit card has become a demand for the people nowadays. We cannot live without credit card since it enables us to purchase many things or pay for services without needing us to bring the whole stack of notes to go out. However, some people misuse the credit cards and get trapped in the debt as a result of maxing out their credit cards.

The US government is actually helpful and kind enough in putting effort to help the citizens to minimize their financial burden during this economy downturn. They are giving out stimulus package to the citizens with the hope that it can stimulus the growth of economy as well as generate more business opportunities and job opportunities.

Somehow, is the package that given away by the government appreciated by the citizens? There are many people who do not use the stimulus package wisely. For those who do, it can actually help you to ease your burden of the credit card debt. If you are one of the debtors, you should know what you can do with the package.

With fixed monthly salary, it is possible that someone would not be able to make ends meet if they do have a lot of financial commitments such as car loan, house installment, insurance, children's education, and many more. That is how the debt gets accumulated. You also have to remember that you will not only need to pay for the debts, but also the interest that is charged as high as 20% yearly! You can do a lot of things with that amount.

Since you are given the stimulus package, why don't you consider paying your debts with that? Maybe it is insufficient to pay off all your debts, but don't you think at least you are doing something to lessen your financial issues?

Still, the better way is - Do not wait for the government to cover your debts, try to control your expenses to avoid more severe consequences from the debts that you are having!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Debt Settlement and Benefits

Even if you are watchful of your budget, things do happen. Particularly tragic to a household budget is a large, sudden debt, or the loss of income which may hinder your ability to repay.

Debt negotiators may be able to help you come to equitable settlements for your debts.

Professional debt negotiators can work with your creditors to explain the situation and to negotiate on your behalf. Even if your creditors refuse to offer a repayment plan that suits you, don't jump to the 'bankruptcy' mind set. Recent federal laws now require credit counseling before proceeding into bankruptcy. But there are also federal laws to help protect you from unscrupulous collection agencies.

The primary reason creditors may accept a settlement is because it is cost effective for the creditor. The degree of the discount (how much they will forgive) will vary case-by-case; therefore, a creditor will take into account many factors when determining their bottom line on accepting a settlement.

They calculate the probability of recouping the debt; either by a collection agency or via legal action, versus the amount of a settlement offer.

Before they agree to any settlement, they will often consider your income, state of residence, age of the debt, type of debt, and your assets.

Professional negotiators will appeal to your creditors that it is in their best interest to settle the debt.

Major difference between Debt Management and Debt Settlement

Debt Management

In a debt consolidation program, also known as a Debt Management Plan (DMP), the debtor pays back 100% of their debt plus interest. Interest is commonly reduced to the 8% to 10% range. Additionally, most Debt Management Companies have a monthly service fee tacked on to the monthly payment. Most people pay back about 130% of their debt over 5 to 6 year period. Debt Management has a moderate affect on a good credit file and will improve most poor credit files. But, a Certified Debt Arbitrator is qualified to explain both programs to you and will be able to provide you the differences in monthly payments as well as the pros and cons of each program.

Debt Settlement

In a Debt Settlement program, most clients pay back an average of 54% of their total debt, including all agency fees as well as accruing fees and interest. This 54% figure is based on the client's starting balances.

Debt Settlement has a major impact on good credit but will improve credit for people that are 6 months or more past due. This improvement in credit profile is caused by bringing outstanding balances down to a ZERO balance.

Is debt settlement right for you?

Some consumers get so deep into debt, failure seems the only solution to the debt can have on their lives. Unlike bankruptcy, liquidation of debt is a process much simpler than, and less "stigma" attached to it.


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