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Eliminate credit card debt by Claim back unfair Bank

Bank charges are the main source of income for banks. All banks collect taxes on certain transactions, such as not returning a cheque, which crosses borders discovered returned debits etc. In addition, banks have the right to set fares, to determine the extent of the work carried out by the administration in certain situations How customers enter the red or the processing of cheques, which are not allowed due to insufficient funds to the accounts. If the cheque or direct debits to be returned, the bank charges for this process. Such fees must be reasonable. Banks routinely impose charges between large £ 25.00-35.00 on which the customer has £ 1.00 can not be considered fair. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) said that these accusations were unfair and unfounded. This scandal, and many of them called the box office flight. Banks, when asked, documentation to justify the allegations were not able to do so. However, it is likely that some banks met to ammunition to the High Court in the case of tests for bank charges in January 2008. The test applies only to current accounts and business accounts. The brutal truth is that unfair bank charges imposed on millions of people. It was punishment without a thank you to those, May have simply ignored their current state of accounts or late payment of wages. Excessive prices for many people into debt, also has a dramatic impact on credit ratings.
The Supreme Court will likely be asked to consider whether charges were fair. Sanctions, and probably in May, individual contract between the customer and the bank belong to the range of banking services following embarrassing. However, the OFT investigation has confirmed that the banks impose illegal and unjustified accusations. It is generally considered that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the customer.
Recent studies have shown that about 41 percent of the people are not aware of the interest rate on bank overdrafts unauthorized. Many others simply swallowed high cost to them, not even a letter of complaint or struggle. It is also noteworthy that 19 percent of the population. These surveys also show that the cost discovered £ 4.7 billion has been allocated for 43 percent of current account holders in the past year.
Credit cards and card shop

With the growing popularity of services in connection with credit cards and store cards, almost all banks and large storage networks remain with their own cards for people to make purchases, money and buy online. The British have plastic payment, and the trend to buy on credit will continue for some time. However, there is a price to pay for these short-term financial cushion. Credit card companies and banks charge some nice sanctions, if customers fail to achieve their minimum payments on time. Many vendors card for the annual fees in years, though was the abolition of the tax last year. High interest rates also imposed if someone goes beyond the permissible limit.

The Office of Fair Trading that the charges on credit charges were unfair and unfounded. It was a long battle, but victory is important for the consumer. With credit card can be, and it should be recalled that the Supreme Court trial will focus on current bank accounts and has no impact on the credit card or loan.

How to request their return

There is no doubt that these costs as a result many more people in debt and are in a position of powerlessness. Single parents, pensioners, students and people in general are suffering badly. The cost can very quickly during the year and can accommodate up to thousands of pounds.

If you think you were unfair by your bank, you may ask yourself, or require that any professional help. When trying to find the right amount of compensation it is always interesting to leadership and representatives of research allows qualified for the entire application. Working with the Bank of letters and struggling for the right to compensation requires time and effort. These efforts deserve, are often about the life and take care of the family.

People often say that a mere letter of complaint to the bank to produce the desired results. This is not always so easy. Some banks are already familiar with the standard letter of complaint and often the complaint be dismissed. Agents used by banks to protect claims. Often banks, if you compensate, May payment "gesture of goodwill". The adoption of these proposals is simply to give a bank rating. The customers deserve that all their expenses reimbursed expected good.

Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), which deals with claims were rejected not get help, how claims. As the case is quite individual. FSO simple evaluation of claims on the arguments presented. In such cases, he has always tried professional help in the fight against the big giants of the monetary compensation.

The claim against your bank will not lead to your account. In accordance with Article 14 of the Banking Code Standards Board directive, "said the banks that they are not a disproportionate response to clients arrière say" default ", fees and treatment of customers with sympathy and positive."

In addition, any threat to the closure of accounts would be contrary to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) principles on the treatment of customers (TCF).

Specialized organizations fought fearlessly on behalf of the consumer is entitled to a refund, the excessive punishment. Letter of complaint, are carefully and May include legal precedents that contribute to the fight for the right to a sum of money. Work on the fight against banking and credit card company is important. The treatment of calls, letters of rejection of statements, allegations denied by FSO and the calculation of compensation due process in detail. Specialist compensation companies also provide useful contacts, such as lawyers and lawyers could support and advice on difficult issues.

This specialised company can also help with all other types of disproportionate costs. In addition, to help restore the bank account for the current expenditure and business accounts for the last 6 years, may also be applications for the restoration of credit cards, mortgages exit fees, mortgage repayment rates, insurance payments protection (IPP) and other sanctions.

Most of the compensation specialists at the Information Commissioner, which means that the current protection rules. This provides a secure environment to ensure that your confidential information and can be sure that the information is not to third parties without permission.

Most companies decide to claims not to work for the victory without charge. If it succeeds, companies a share of compensation and this will be won or would not include VAT. These companies charge for their services argued bank after it successfully back to your name. If the company can not win some of the bank (even if the likelihood is very small), you do not pay a cent. There is nothing to lose and much to gain.

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