Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Planning For eliminate credit cards debt?

I've always heard rumors that a reduction of credit cards will not help your credit score at all ... But again, if you continue your bills on March several different cards and can not afford to leave it, which does not allow you much!

Question and Answer on Money Young spoke of how close the credit card does not make your credit score rise. They explain that you do not use, you must create your map until you have paid your debt is disabled, but you have your account.

On BankRate.com, he explained in several ways that could and probably should your credit card. If you've found with tons of credit cards, you just hold on the purchase, you should take your top 2 or 3 and just to them.

Councils reduce your credit card:

1) Select a card EMPTY cut. No reduction of credit cards, even some of their balance. Make sure to pay your debts first case, it could cause problems for you.

2) Avoid credit card company that you click Close your credit card until your debt is paid. Occasionally, some companies to raise interest rates if they know that you intend to do ... Providing you with more money to pay! According to Steve Rhode, president of Myvesta.org (consumer credit support site): "If you have an account, if you have a balance, they increase the maximum rate allowed as a punishment."

3) Bankrate.com also said that if you plan to a mortgage or car loan or anything to cancel your credit card can hurt your chances of obtaining approval by ... or, at favorable terms and conditions.

Before taking any hasty decisions to reduce all your credit cards (as Rachel in friends) ... think twice whether they help or hurt you! They do not want to cancel and cut only conclude that the wrong decision.

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