Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do 1 credit card is enough?

The first year I started to pledge to society. For one, we should have received a 50-passenger mark for Citibank credit card. I went to the campus, and all my friends to sign. I was still about 7 people short. There was no way want to go to the Sorority House with only 43 people have signed. I decided I would simply sign up for the last 7th

Bad idea.

Next month, I received a Citibank credit card after credit card until my 7-card in my possession. I thought it might not be as bad as too many credit cards. I just pay a little more about each card and pay and, finally, I'd like a better credit score! I think I do not think it through, firstly because I did not ask my father to solve all credit cards, and secondly, I had no money to pay their troops.

However, a few months, and my father was through the e-mail. It was a little happier than I have taken the initiative to get a credit card, so he would not give me cash every time I have seen. The second bill in the mail. Pope balls. At that time I was 4th in the post, he was on the phone with Citibank to ask how on earth they would at 18 years 4 of the same credit card. The last 3 came, and 7 were then cut. This could be the worst next 6 months, in financial terms.

I was not allowed to have a credit card for some years. Finally, I could be a debit card. Since then, life was very quiet ...

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