Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are You A Consumer Madness?

Christmas-holiday shopping rush in full force. Call us at the Mall

Bumper Sticker Intelligent emissions in difficult times, tough go shopping.

However, for some, shopping is no joke. "2006 Stanford University study concluded .... compulsive spending is a legitimate disease that affects approximately 6% [17000000] of the U.S. population ..."

How can you tell if you have serious buyers? Go through the list of financial blog:

• Does your wardrobe contain many shoes or clothes you never wear?

• You have returned home from a job, you do not have the intention to buy?

• Use shopping as a quick solution for the blues?

• Are you more than you can afford?

• The Neighborhood Centers are urgent appeal to you?

According to research, trade leads to like people with food. Shopaholics often have anxiety disorders and low self-esteem than conventional buyers. They are also more impulsive than average, and typically, perfectionists. "

Some researchers speculate that there is an imbalance in neurotransmitter serotonin, the May play a role in the Shopaholic coercion. Buyers Considering Prozac, the age of serotonin overshopping arrested. Once they were drugs, they returned to their customary overshopping.

From a financial management useful blog a few simple steps to prevent you're not in the pattern Shopaholic.

• distinction between "necessity" and "want". Before your portfolio, ask yourself if this purchase is something that you really need ... Such as food or a new pair of shoes to work, or is it just something you want to ... as a new phone with more bells and whistles.

• If you fight compulsive spending, stay away discounters and shopping centers. If you need to race, try to avoid large shopping centers and areas.

• Do not be lured by sales and transactions. Think before you Kijiji. Do not buy five points, and for sale. It is likely that you are not with the four other articles.

• Prepare a budget and stick to it. Enter your monthly income; reserve a certain level of cost savings and note every month (food, gasoline, etc.). Before we entertain visiting mall, make sure that the list of supported. They do not want to spend cash for the purchase of gasoline for five new awards, simply because they "sell".

• have a shopping list. Plan your purchases. When you go shopping, walking through the supermarket with a list in his hand. Stick to the list.

• Reward yourself once in a while. If you kept your end of the negotiations in a month, do something good for himself face to go to the movies or eating in the restaurant elite.

You kind of person who always listens to the call to the mall? This year, try something different and low volume. Start listening to the call for common sense and what is good for you and your family.

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