Sunday, November 16, 2008

Keep Your Receipts for get advantage

In my work I will be in implementing a new system, which suffer from congestion. What we do, however, is that every worker can be caught in a random check at any time. If this happens to you that you do not have the income to the bag, and you will not receive reimbursement for.

There are so many times in daily life, which I see as very necessary income. For some time I used to throw all my income and not just follow, but I realized how much money is that cost me long term.

There are many reasons why you should see your earnings:


As I mentioned, you will not receive your money if you are caught in random within your company and have no income to support your costs. Although the chances of you getting random testing may be small, if you have more than a thousand dollars in expenses and revenues are not ... You can save more money than you do not have to spend. In addition, the IRS really his foot from the account of reports of random checks are increasingly common.

Food and gas revenue

If I were at lunch or gas and pay with my credit card, I often difficult to find reasons to my credit card receipt because nothing back. Nevertheless, I started to my income, that the burden is on my map, in fact, reflects how much I owed. They do not want to go after throwing for a receipt that your server or waitress has more edges that you have left.

Return / Exchange

If I work in retail, we will not be any cash back or send it to them a credit card (which for many retail shops). Another drawback is that if you do not have a receipt, even if the product does not sell, we can only give you back the price of some of our records. This means that you can lose a lot of what you pay for the purchase (which also applies to the trade). Without a receipt, you also receive store credit for the purchase, even if some people do not mind if they like shopping enough.

Last month, I found my tenacity recipe is helpful when I had to return a pair of slippers that are already worn out. I have all my receipts from Christmas shopping, and after I bought Nike running shoes got a hole in the ground, I attended the reception and fully refunded me all my money ... Before it was great they were 120 U.S. dollars sneakers!

It is best to leave too many recipes that you do not have to return to know what you need to get you threw last week and now nothing can be done about it.

I think it is just to the envelope and a letter to my recipe, whenever I find them. The reason why I did not choose to view all my receipts in my wallet, because I do not like my wallet is enormous. After a while, when I'm sick of all my recipes here, I will finally throw in the pulse (I need more of them). However, with the envelope, I can not remember that I, until I all the envelope again. I usually keep the proceeds from 6-8 months just to be safe, or at least returned.

Once you get used to keep your receipts, it is not very much. I know that many people do not leave a mess, but you really enjoy long-term or emergency situation on the ground.

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