Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Get Out of Debt Now – eliminate credit card debt totally

In the blog, I want you to get more financial advice to help you keep your head above water during this economic challenge. These simple FO-Follow the steps to download a new direction survival money, I ask all my students.
• Does your finances to feel out of control? Here is a trick to keep you back on the track: Financial expert Dave Ramsey said, you should first be careful what you spend. Therefore, follow these steps: Take a notebook and write down all your monthly expenses - including rent or mortgage, utilities, auto-service payments, credit cards, grocers, restaurant, and everything you can think. Then write to your home monthly income after tax and comparing the two figures. If you have expenses, which are back, it's time to make cuts.
• Try to support debt. "This is a debt expert Gerri Detweiler. How does it work? Take 20 minutes a day, three times a week to find holes in your wallet. Just as you should be 20 minutes per day three times a week and keep the milk Diet, if you write each piece of food you eat - you have to spend so much time, if you put your money departure. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday - write what you have acquired over the last two weeks. They will learn Very quickly if your spending weakness - and if you want to reduce.
• What to do if you maxed credit card or two? First, end the use of cards at once. Then make a list of all their credit card balances - with the percentage for each card. Then, you decide how you want to pay the debt. Some experts recommend payment card with the lowest balance first - since witnessing the disappearance of all the debt keeps you motivated. However, in general a good idea to pay card with the highest interest rates first. To get rid of debts that cost the most money. Regardless of the card you choose to pay First, that your bank to a portion of your check directly to the creditors. So, you decide not to pay for it.
• What to do if you're not working? To get back on its feet again, financial planners say U.S. dollars you spend each month and a budget, you can. Freezer, you can every day, the sooner you can save money for emergency fund - which must be at least three months salary.

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