Thursday, August 28, 2008

Control your credit card debt, control your happy life

Credit card debt is becoming more and more common, especially for those that are trying to make ends meet. And the more they use them, they bury themselves deeper in debt.

Even though credit cards may be convenient to use, they should be used with caution. It is too easy to get problems with them. They are important in establishing a good credit history, but you must control your credit card use, it should not control you. When you are in debt over their heads, using even more credit can be worse than what you can do. Gain control over your life, controlling your debt.

When are you going to pay on the map, it is important not for anything more on it. The interest alone would be difficult to repay. And never, never late making payments. Late payment will add $ 30 to $ 50 fee for your amounts due. You also your rate raised if you're late with payments. Unfortunately, even just one late payment can lead to a credit card company to raise its interest rates. This, in turn, makes it more difficult to extinguish. Late payment will also be detrimental to your credit score.

You must have a plan to pay your bills. If you have an account payment plan, you know exactly when each bill must be paid to the fact that you are never late payment. Everyone should create a budget, and not just people who are deeply in debt. Look at your income and balance it with your spending. First, make sure you have enough money to make the minimum payment on each credit card. If you have a basic payment schedule is set, put aside extra money to pay for a credit card. When the card is paid off, take all the money you pay in this map, and apply it to the next.

There are software and spreadsheets, computer programs that can help you decide which credit cards you should pay off first. Typically, it is better to pay one that costs you the most money - one at high interest rates. Just make sure you pay the minimum all other debts that you owe. And do not forget about your everyday expenses, like rent and food.

When you're trying to get out of debt, you have to cut other expenses. Dinner is served in restaurants and fashionable things as membership in the club book will take money from your main objectives: to get out of debt. Use common sense when making decisions that really need and what does not.

Pay attention to your credit card statements. The company could be charging you an additional payment for possession of the card (membership fees) or by credit protection. If you are currently charging these fees, cancel the card. Yes, you can cancel it, even if there is a balance due. The company will keep the account open until it is paid, but other payments (excluding interest charges) will be discontinued.

Talk to your creditors and tell them if you have a problem of payments. Ask them to lower interest rates. They could simply say "yes". Eventually, they would like to get paid. Not all companies will do so, but you do not know, if you ask. Keep in mind that lower interest rate, the faster card will be paid.

Take control of your credit card debt. You will also be taking that first step in implementing control over the rest of your life.

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