Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prevent Credit Card Debt Before it Grow

Using credit cards is very easy, but it can very easily get any that become dependent on their use in very large financial trouble. To sell use of their cards, banks and credit card companies to push the idea that they can make your life easy .

I agree that when walking around a lot of cash can be a burden. It can also be very difficult to contest the charge that you wrote a check. Credit cards are suited for such situations.
But with credit card abuse will land someone he / she does not want to be. Worse, that with a credit card is the interest rate they charge you with the impression that you can take your time to repay the money that you owe. Talk about power exacerbate the negative: Your interest will be added in the previous balance and which becomes a new balance of interests on which charged and the negative cycle continues. Try to pay credit card debt, the minimum payment on time. You'll be dead before it ended.

So what are alternatives to abusive credit card use? The following ideas can be taken:

-- Use card only for amounts that can be recouped very quickly (within one month or two)

-- If you absolutely must use this card, it will use a low interest rate (22.5% do not use an interest rate)

-- Use credit cards only on the real needs and not wants and for emergencies, not as a game, you play at the shopping centre while others your customers and monitor the storage clerk.

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