Thursday, April 9, 2009

Consumer Credit Card Debt Relief Scams! [Part3]

Continued from part 2

A common problem that most consumers have debt settlement companies is that they are not fully talk about how the process works, instead they sugar coat things and preaching about the great benefits. I talked to countless amounts of people who have signed with companies and feel they would remain with their creditors, and never receive calls. So needless to say that it was a huge problem, once they have started.

Another major problem that many of these companies have the wrong people in the nature of savings, they will be on their debts. Some companies say they will save you 70% of what you owe. Now, while establishments in May than their low choosing not tell you how much you save after A) paid their taxes, and B) to repay creditors. Honest companies will tell you what the real savings will be. If you will save between 40-50% of what you need including their fees and payment of creditors that is quite sublime. Many of these companies and try to guarantee a certain amount of savings, if you hear the race for the hills. Nobody in this industry can guarantee a certain amount which is why it is called debt negotiation! They are negotiating for a settlement for as low as they can get.

Then there are companies that will pay you what you can get on their program. These are the worst because they are not really interested in your heart and bring you to fail and not succeed. You must understand the nature for savings I said above this process should not take more than three years, preferably two or less. And the bottom line is some people simply can not do so this time should be realistic and research into bankruptcy. What these consumers from unscrupulous debt relief companies do is put you on a program of 4 years or more and agrees in principle regardless of the payment you can afford. Knowing full well that you do not save much, and more than likely the failure of the program, they are concerned about the fee and that is it. A company with honest diligence review of your budget with you and make sure this is something you can handle and all you explain the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. And let you make the conscious decision of whether this consumption is the best method of debt relief for your situation.

Another great way to evaluate a company is to ensure they are registered with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and they are high ranking with very few complaints. And if there are any complaints to ensure they were resolved to the convenience of customers.

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