Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summon up for Control of Our Nation's Debt Problem

Credit card companies are the face of evil. They target students, low-income families, almost anyone and everyone. They will soak the cheese in front of your face, and attract many unsuspecting in. Now, I do not choose the credit card companies, dumb ass people who do not know what they do are equally to blame.

However, if the credit card companies had not existed, we would not have this problem. Too many people are screwed on, and as stated gos "The good of many outweighs the good of some." 99.9% of the time, if you do not have money, you should not be buying it, and the .1 is the small minority who finagle credit cards to make payments, for use businesses, etc. Viable, weighed, intelligent risks, where the chances of success is higher than the risk of failure.

For my part, I am sick of these conglomerates who control the credit companies most of the cash flows in America. I say tax these motherfuckers! Tax 'em 50% of their income. Yet instead of these big companies get tax breaks through the site using the IRS as a money launderer.

This was pissing me for a long time. Today I finally had an idea to strike back and save some of these cocksuckers to bankruptcy. It starts simple, I took the reply envelopes Affairs, added some notes of paper with various remarks "No thank you" or "No thank you, I am Catholic," "Maybe", "I do not emotionally able to commit to your offer now "and mailed to the return of the company. Bam! You go knock on their wallets in 3 places. 1.) Postage, even if they ended up sending the number of mail will drive their costs with the post office, and they will be forced to renegotiate their contract. 2.) Heure de l'Homme, thinking all the time losing their opening as Business Reply Mail. 3.) Refuge, thinking of all of the space will be in the trash. Unless you have an incinerator? Then, it cost them more difficult to stir.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You know those promotions credit card? Subscribe to xx and you will receive gift cards, bonus points, etc. First, sign up to any good offers, please read the agreements and make sure 100% it will cost them more than you. Preferably, it costs you nothing. Then be sure to use your bonus points, gift card, etc. Use it immediately so as not to forget or not to expire. I can I apply for 3 credit offers every 2 quarters (6 months) and it did not affect my credit score.

In general, if you will join me in my fight against these evil conglomerates, we can eliminate credit card companies, and it will be less a problem in the world. Can you say no more national debt? Think of the possibilities that open, and to education, social work and programs to flourish. It will affect the economy and quality of life will reach new heights.

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