Saturday, April 11, 2009

What credit card holder get for Bailing out the banks?

Thank you to our legislators, "We the people ..." are the costs of the bank bailout and this is the thanks we? Citigroup, one of the beneficiaries of bailout funds rate jacking notice sent on the same time, he received twenty billion taxpayer-funded government bailout money. Am I missing something here? Should not "We the people" will be required to credit card companies such as Citigroup responsible? However, we do allow them, with their lobbyists from the companies to continue raking consumers about coal?

Here's what said about Citigroup increases its rate ... "To continue in this difficult financing credit and financing, Citi is repricing a group of customers." Are you kidding me? Repricing a group of customers because of the economy? We the people are already an economically difficult time, and the only solution is to make things more difficult for us, so that your credit card debt cow can survive? Where are the heroes, champion of consumers when we need them?

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