Monday, March 23, 2009

Credit Card Debt - Practical case: Part2

Advisors also say that there is a guaranteed investment opportunity. An easy way to earn 18% or better is to get rid of credit card debts as soon as possible. Adds William Black, senior vice-president of Moodys Investors Services structured finance team: "We still haven't hit the post-recessionary peaks [in credit-card losses], so things will get worse before they get better.”What's more, the U.S. Treasury Dept. s $700 billion mortgage bailout won't be a lifeline for credit-card issuers.
Consolidating your debt is perhaps the fastest, safest and best way today to get rid of your financial obligations and we are experts in this field. Fill our free membership form to view all the alternatives. Consolidation isn't the only step though. You also have to find ways to reduce expenses or increase your income.

Yes, consumer spending is dropping, but some economists think that is a function of confidence, not credit. Yes, banks and other lenders do appear to be stuck with loans they dont want, some of which will go bad, but so far it doesnt seem like they are pulling back credit from consumers. Yeah, thats mine. When things got tight last summer -- checks werent coming in on time, I wasnt getting enough work as a freelancer -- I knew leaning on my credit cards was a bad idea. Yet credit cards continue to be pushed by lenders. Some estimate that over 6 billion mailings are sent by credit card issuers to U.S. Yet politically this issue isn’t even on the radar screen.

Instead, you can get counseled regarding all of your debt. You can do this by looking for a debt counselor instead of a credit card counselor - but make sure that you are still looking for a non-profit company. Instead they receive a pamphlet suggesting nine credit card offers for which they may or may not be qualified.

Student Platinum provides you with reliable student credit card information, debt management advice and quality student credit card applications. Student credit card debt is at an all-time high. Recent studies show that seventy-six percent of all college undergraduates have at least one charge account with an average balance of over two thousand dollars. Student loans, credit cards, car payments, rent-sometimes it seems like the whole systems conspiring to keep you broke.

Call your credit card issuers and try to transfer all of your balances to the card with the lowest interest rate. If this isnt possible, make minimum payments on the cards with the lowest rates and pay as much as possible on the highest interest cards until they are paid off.

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