Monday, March 30, 2009

Ancient Chinese Wisdom relevant for reduce your debt

How to get rid of debt credit card? This is the number one question you must ask yourself if you do not want to join the bankruptcy of millions each year. Once you have negligence in managing the debt of your credit card, the next thing you know you are facing the threat of bankruptcy.

Fortunately, help is at hand to resolve the problem. Do you want the secret is in the form of an old Chinese saying? Yes, saying: "Know yourself, know your enemy, win the battle every time."

Here, step by step plan on how to get rid of debt credit card drawing on the wisdom of that old Chinese saying.

1. Know yourself - establish a budget
The quickest way to know your money is to establish a budget. Many people are frightened by a vivid image of accountants churning numbers after the figures when they hear the word "budget". The fact is, a budget is nothing more than a plan to tell you how much you earn and how much you spend.

A budget you need for our purposes here. First, identify the sources of your monthly income such as wages and rental income. Then, write down your monthly expenses like food, utilities and clothing. Finally, deduct the cost on incomes, and you will discover how much you have left over or excess of each month.

2. Know Your Enemy - Rate Debt
Credit card debt is your enemy. Be realistic when evaluating and analyzing the way you are deep in debt. Calculate exactly how much you owe each credit card you have.

Do not stop there. Read the small print of the credit card to know how you end up with these debts. Want to know how credit card companies charge interest, what are the annual percentage rate they use, if they slap the other penalties, etc..

3. Winning the battle - debt reduction
Know yourself, know your enemy. The efforts you put in the first two steps, you'll be rewarded when it comes to the fight against debt. They give you a better picture of your cash flow and debt. You are now ready to move in the battle to eliminate the debt by credit card.

There are many ways to do it. So much so that the debt to determine if the negotiation or debt consolidation is appropriate can be daunting. Once you have this right if, how to get rid of debt credit card will not be a problem. To win the battle against debt credit card, you must choose the right strategy.

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