Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Credit cards must use in emergency case or not

Credit cards are a great resource to have when you have an emergency. We all have different ideas about what constitutes an emergency, but it is important to examine carefully the circumstances under which you should - or not - to use your credit card.

You may be tempted to avoid unnecessary purchases, but not forgotten that you should always pay your credit card discounts. Most of the time, you will be charged interest on your credit card purchases.

Here are some guidelines for the use of your credit card, if you eat or drink, you should not be charged on your credit card. When considering the purchase of the item that you are still in the next year, will be asked to provide your credit card - but be careful. If you need something that can not be purchased without using your credit card, you probably should be used. Make sure that there is something that you need, not just what you want in a short time.

Say, for example, you buy furniture salon, but can not afford to pay the full purchase price immediately. Furniture warehouse provides funding, but the rate is 19%. If your credit card only 9% interest rate, it makes sense to charge your credit card to buy your furniture.

Do not forget that your payments on time every month. Pay-as much as you can, wherever this is possible. They do not want the cost of accommodation on his credit card for a very long time. Additional costs at stake, you pay more interest. The more you pay interest, your expensive new furniture.

Buy big ticket items are prohibited, this is an emergency aid budgets. You can live without this new salon. Try to keep a low balance on your credit card in case of real emergency. Do you lose your job, and will have to pay the bills with a credit card at the moment that you are unemployed. You pay more in the long term, but with your credit card will help you in financial uncertainty.

Another emergency may arise if you must leave the city, at the funeral. You can use your credit card in motel rooms or other travel expenses. You do not want these charges on your credit card for a long time, but you can use the map to help you in this difficult situation.

Use your card and only major purchases, pay your card leave regularly, and keep your balance low. This contributes to maintaining the low prices and help you build a good credit rating. Your card will be in case of emergency and long term will help the financial stability.

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